Lincoln Williams

Lincoln WilliamsLincoln Williams was a plumber for 12 years in Jamaica, working for the National Water Commission.  He was also a chef, running his own restaurant.  In December 2009, he came to the United States and had to begin all over again.

His wife is a nurse, and shortly after coming to this country, he decided to take a Certified Nurse’s Aide training course, and “Now I’m hooked.”  He says he is a “people person” and loves working with his residents at Trinity Hill Care center in Hartford.

Realizing the importance of education, he recently completed a Basic Computer Skills course at the Training Fund in Hartford.  He says that he “Learned the basics, how to email, how to pay bills on-line, how to look for information on the internet” and he plans to continue.  He is already enrolled in the next level computer course and also plans to begin the High School Diploma program in the Fall.

Lincoln says he wants to take his plans to the extreme.  “The sky is the limit, keep going level after level wherever it takes.  You have to know what you want, and when you get there, you will know it.  Don’t let your dreams pass you by.”

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