“With Our Loving Hands”


Book release - Sharon and Advira

1199NE members Sharon Benjamin and Advira Linton had their stories published in “With Our Loving Hands.”  On December 11, 2014, 1199NE members, family, and friends came together to celebrate the recent publication of “With Our Loving Hands” by Hardball Press.  Fifty 1199 nursing home members had their stories published in this collection. The book is available at www.hardballpress.com or www.amazon.com   


 “In this book nursing home workers who care for the elderly and infirm tell their stories. These essential caregivers are too often ignored or disrespected. Yet their stories show us how their challenging work is so often motivated by love. Family members and friends who are admitted for long term care and perhaps, for the last stage of life, are comforted by these courageous workers whose loving hands hold them in their long, lonely night.”


 Tim Sheard, Editor, Hard Ball Press.


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