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Last spring Capital Community College debuted a new course, EKG (Electrocardiogram) Technician. Run through the college’s School of Workforce and Continuing Education, the 63 hour course meets two evenings a week and prepares students to be employed in hospitals, laboratories or cardiologists’ offices.

This week, graduates of the Fall 2015 EKG Technician course were recognized. All twelve are health care workers who are members of District 1199, New England Healthcare Employees Union, and were sponsored by the 1199 Training and Upgrading Fund. Each year hundreds of unionized nursing home workers make use of the Fund to take adult ed programs, attend college or receive training at their workplace. The EKG course completion rate was 92%.

EKG Technicians specialize in electrocardiogram testing of patients. By attaching electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms and legs, EKG Technicians use EKG machines to monitor the heart’s performance. Data captured by EKG Technicians assists doctors in diagnosing heart conditions. Projected job growth in this field is expected to increase by 22% over the next ten years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative grant (HL-SCI) funded the new EKG program at Capital. It is one of three new programs that have been paid for and developed thanks to the grant. The HL-SCI grant team worked with Ruth Krems, Capital’s Coordinator of Nurse Aide Certification, and industry partners and experts to develop the program. The EKG program was evaluated for college credit by Charter Oak State College’s CCAP (Connecticut Credit Assessment Program), and has been awarded 3 college credits.

EKG Grads


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    I am interesting in the EKG class, how do i apply

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