2016 Training Fund Conference

2016 TF ConferenceOn Tuesday, October 18 over 200 1199 members, Union leaders, and guests attended the 14th Annual Training Fund Conference in Cromwell, CT. The theme of the day was “Raise the Bar: The Future is Now” and all in attendance took this theme very seriously.  There was a keynote panel entitled “Living Well, Today!” and conference participants chose between the following workshops throughout the day:

  • Roadmap to Wellbeing
  • Build a Play
  • Get Fit!
  • Virtual Dementia Tour
  • The Healthcare workforce: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Food as Medicine

Here is what our members had to say about the conference:

  • “I had a great experience.  While we’re busy caring for others, we forget to take care of ourselves.”
  • “It gets better and better each year!”
  • “The conference is always interesting and educational.  Everyone is warm and friendly.”
  • “There is a whole universe out there to discover.  The conference lets us reconnect and reenergize.”
  • “Every year I plan ahead…I request the day off to come because this is my favorite day of the year!”

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