Meet Hyacinth

Hyacinth Bewry

I am Hyacinth Bewry, and I have worked for 20 years at West Hartford Health Center, as a CNA in their Dementia Unit. 

  • What Training Fund benefit are you currently using?

Computer Class: Smartphones, Tablets and Netbooks on Tuesdays at 11am.  The class meets for 2 hours for 12 weeks.

  • What are your educational/training goals or purpose for using the benefit?

I want to be literate in technology because there are so many things that now replace using pencil and paper.  Anything you need is there– google search, directions.  People used to use a map, now we use the phone to GPS.  I want to focus on technology and become more advanced.  It’s difficult to not know.  You can depend on yourself more, rather than depend on someone else. 

  • How is this program/benefit helping you reach your goals?

It increases my knowledge of technology.  Now our computers are on the phone and smaller devices you can carry with you.

  • What do you most enjoy about the computer class?

I most enjoy learning how to download music, use apps for the pharmacy and get the weather

  • What is one challenge for you in the class?

The hardest part is the typing-getting your eyes off the keys! 

  • What advice do you have for other members who are thinking about using this benefit?

Get up, go out!  Help yourself with technology. I keep one day a week open to take computer class.   There’s a time when you’re going to need it.  I mean for yourself, your own good and benefit.

  • What would people be surprised to learn about you?

My banana bread is banging!   That’s what my kids say.  Also, I love to decorate; my bathroom, right now is pink and burgundy. Soon I will change my mind again and redecorate with a new color scheme.

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