Congratulations, AMA Graduates!

Congratulations to the fourteen 1199 members for their completion of the Administrative Medical Assistant program at Capital Community College (CCC) in Hartford!  The 1199 Training Fund partnered with CCC on this program in Fall 2017 and on January 30, 2018, family and friends joined together with the graduates to celebrate their hard work and accomplishment.  Training Fund College and Career Counselor Susan Oliver shared a quote from Brigham Young: “Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world of work, and the power to appreciate life.”

The following students completed the program:

  • Novlette Bernard, Kimberly Hall North
  • Janice Blake-McLean, Saint Mary Home
  • Tshoni Bowery, Trinity Hill Care Center
  • Thelma Brown-Morgan, Avery Heights
  • Amdrilla Erskine, Governor’s House
  • Cheryl Gordon-Heath, Avery Heights (not in photo)
  • Gaynelle Holder, Avery Heights
  • Kenel Jones, Trinity Hill Care Center
  • Magdalena Kolc, Touchpoints at Farmington
  • Samantha Longman, Kimberly Hall South
  • Michael Owens, Salmon Brook Care Center
  • Derrick Prather, Salmon Brook Care Center
  • Marie Samms, Saint Mary Home
  • Shacaira Shelton, Trinity Hill Care Center

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