Nursing Conference 2018

2018 Nursing Conf11199 nurses from throughout Connecticut attended the Training Fund’s 7th Annual Nursing Conference on November 14, 2018. When asked why she attended, one nurse said “Knowledge is Power!  I acquire new ideas every time I attend!”

The keynote speaker was Carolyn DeRocco, Vice President of Programs and Education, Alzheimer’s Association-CT Chapter.  Other workshops included: Changing Our Beliefs about Drugs and Alcohol, Mindy Bowens; Head to Toe Assessment, Anna Go; Wound Care in the Age of Antibiotic Stewardship, Catherine Milne.

Comments from evaluations included the following:

Why did you decide to attend the conference?

  • Because it is always interesting and inspiring
  • I always enjoy the conferences and always learn something new
  • It sounded very interesting and I want my knowledge to grow
  • I wanted a relaxing day
  • I learn new information each time I attend. I meet new nurses and share new experiences from the job

Did the conference meet your expectations?  Why or why not?

  • Yes.  It provided a lot of information that I can use at work and also in my daily life.
  • Always does—informing and reassuring of my nursing skills
  • Information received will be used daily at my job
  • All the workshops were excellent
  • Yes, as my first experience at a  conference like this, it built my experience as a nurse and I got some answers for my questions (answers that I really need as tools)
  • The day motivated me to continue my education and also to understand better how to deal with substance abuse residents
  • The conference did meet and exceeded my expectations because I was enlightened
  • Yes, I attend every year and get to join together with good people
  • Yes, this is what I was expecting.  Very fulfilling.

What were two things that you learned today that you will be able to use at your job or share with your co-workers?

  • Spend a little time with my patients and it will save me a lot more time in the long run
  • Be nice to every person ins spite of who they are
  • I can’t control the patient, I can control me
  • Give 5 to get 20


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