Staff and Members Receive Recognition

Marge Denise Bismark (005)

Congratulations to Marge Korhonen, Training Fund instructor, Denise Jackson, Touchpoints at Manchester/Governor’s House, and Bismark Mensah-Diawuo, Touchpoints at Farmington, who were recognized at the Greater Hartford STARS (Student/Teacher Achievement Recognition Salute) on April 25, 2019.  Teachers and adult learners from adult education programs in the region were recognized for their accomplishments and their hard work.  In the evening’s program, the following descriptions were given.  STARS is sponsored each year by VOCAL, Voices of CT Adult Learners.

Bismark Mensah-Diawuo was born and raised in Ghana, and was about 16 years old when he had to stop attending school.  He served in the military for 23 years as a non-commissioned officer. Bismark came to the United States in 2009 by himself, and last year his two teenage daughters joined him after nine long years of separation.

He always felt he had a debt to his parents to continue his education when the opportunity would arrive.  He decided to go to college, but when he realized that he needed his high school diploma first, decided to enroll with the 1199 Training Fund.

Bismark will be receiving his NEDP diploma in June, and said, “I feel that the program was very challenging, but it gave me all the information I needed to know to help prepare me for college.”  Bismark’s dream is to go to college and become a pharmacist.

Denise Jackson is a long-time participant at the 1199 Training Fund, and has steadily worked her way through many classes and programs.  She earned her high school equivalency, National External Diploma Program, and then continued by taking Transition to College classes in academic reading and writing at the Training Fund.  An active and encouraging participant in class, Denise steadily increased her knowledge base, becoming ever more confident of her ability to successfully navigate classes in college. Currently, she is in her second semester at Capital Community College.

She is someone who continues to strive toward her goals knowing the road is rocky with challenges from her job and everyday life as well as her courses. Her dedication and determination to carry on with her long term goal of becoming a registered nurse is laudable and ever-present as she attends classes, finishes her assignments, and seeks guidance from teachers and professors.  The 1199 Training Fund proudly recognizes Denise Jackson as a recipient of the 2019 VOCAL STARS award.

Marge Korhonen has worked for many years at the 1199 Training Fund, both in the NEDP program and Transition to College program. She has proven herself to be an extremely definite asset to our programs. Marge exhibits excellent teaching skills and offers a wealth of knowledge to our students.

She supplements a wide variety of knowledge in her scope and is continuously trying to learn new things to improve her teaching skills and abilities.  We also credit her hard work and diligence in assisting our students and touching their lives in meaningful ways.  Marge possesses excellent communication skills and can cooperate with the utmost success.

Marge Korhonen is well organized and willing to take up any project she is assigned to fulfill.  She consistently distinguishes herself in the classroom and maintains good relationships with students.  Marge is unquestionably an exceptional ambassador for our Training Fund classes, tutoring services and has our fairest recommendation.











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