Tuition Benefits

Tuition Reimbursement 

Your program of study must have a realistic potential for a full time position in a healthcare facility. In addition to nursing and other allied health programs, eligible programs include:

  • Human Services
  • Social Work
  • Computer Science
  • Business

Tuition Vouchers

Tuition Vouchers, if approved, pay tuition and fees for those who plan to take semester based, credit bearing courses at a Connecticut Community College.



Training Fund Conference 2018

2018 TF Conference ph1

DID THE CONFERENCE MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS?   “MORE THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE!  I LEARNED A LOT.  I GOT TO INTERACT WITH CO-WORKERS, AND MEET NEW PEOPLE FROM 1199.  AWESOME!!”  Over 200 1199 nursing home and homecare members from throughout Connecticut at the 1199 Training Fund’s 16th annual conference.  The keynote speaker, Kyrie Carpenter, gave a wonderful presentation called “Culture Change Starts with the Heart” and members spent the day choosing from the following workshops:

  • Changing Our Beliefs About Drugs and Alcohol
  • Culture change Starts with the Heart
  • The Unstoppable Power of Confidence: Creating Success from the Inside Out
  • Happier Residents, Happier You
  • Get Fit!
  • Safety Care


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