Reimbursement Application Deadlines

Spring Semester                    January 15

Summer Semester                 May 31

Fall Semester                         August 31

Winter Session                      December 15

For semester based college programs you must submit a new application for each semester by the stated deadline.

For non semester programs, short-term trainings, workshops, or online courses, an application must be received by the Fund office before the first day of the program.  One application is sufficient for most non semester programs, but please call the Fund office if you are not sure about your program’s requirements.

Download your application here:  Tuitionreimbform

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  1. Amy Gerardi says:

    Hello, I have been trying to fax my tuition reimbursement paperwork over, but the fax number keeps saying “no answer”. I have tried from several different fax machines. Is there a way to get this info to you? Thank you!

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