What is the Training & Upgrading Fund?

The 1199NE Training & Upgrading Fund is a jointly managed benefit fund.  Employers who have contracts with the union have agreed to pay into the Fund as part of their employee benefits package.  The Fund administers and runs a variety of educational and training programs for eligible members.  The Training Fund Board of Trustees is made up of five union representatives and five contributing employer representatives.

Who is eligible for Training Fund benefits?

You must be represented by the New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199NE, and employed by a facility that is participating in and contributing to the Training and Upgrading Fund.

Do my union dues pay for the Training Fund?

No.  Funding for the Training Fund benefit comes from participating employers monthly contributions.

What are the Training Fund benefits and programs?

  1. Adult Basic Education.  Classes that prepare you to enter the high school diploma program.
  2. Career and College Counseling
  3. Computer skills classes
  4. National External Diploma Program (in partnership with local adult education providers). After completing this program, you will receive a high school diploma.
  5. Transition to College and Careers. For those with a high school diploma, these classes help you prepare to succeed in a college or training program.
  6. Tuition Assistance: Tuition Reimbursement and Tuition Vouchers
  7. Tutoring

Is tuition reimbursement only good for nursing school?

No.  Many programs of study are eligible.  Your program of study must have a realistic potential for a full-time position in a healthcare facility.  Please call the Fund office if you are not sure if your program of study is eligible.


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