Online Classes & Trainings

Online Classes and Trainings

Fall 2020

Due to COVID-19, all classes and trainings will be held online. If you are currently employed at a nursing home in Connecticut that contributes to the 1199 Training Fund, and you have completed your probation period, you are eligible for the following:

Longer-term Classes

  1. Adult Basic Education/High School Diploma (2 classes per week, 3-4 hours total per week)
  2. LPN/College Prep (2 classes per week, 3-4 hours total per week)
  3. Spanish for the Healthcare Worker (2 classes per week, 4 hours total per week, 12 weeks)

Six week classes (4 hours per week–laptop or PC required)

  1. Medical terminology
  2. Intro to Microsoft Word
  3. Intro to Microsoft Excel
  4. Certificate in Gerontology
  5. Certificate in Stress Management

“Cell Ed” classes (done on your smart phone in a series of 3 minute lessons to earn a certificate).

  1. English (for those whose first language is not English)
  2. Work Readiness skills
  3. Math for Work and Life
  4. Reading for Work and Life
  5. COVID-19 Guides








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